Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Update...(not a catchy title, I know...)

Let's see... The last entry was about how I'd been shooting ladybugs. Unfortunately, due to such unseasonably cool weather in California this spring, the ladybugs didn't mature on schedule. As a result, my ladybug photo's were produced just a bit too late to be included in the big CGTA Gift Show (trade show) next week. Thankfully, a number of other items I've produced this year will be shown at that show. Ok, so that's ladybugs out of the way - for now... I still have a bag of 'sleeping ladies' in our fridge.

Yesterday, Elizabeth said, "The light is perfect. You should take your camera and head out for a while". I think that's 'wife talk' for 'GO!" *grin* ...So I did.

What was to be a long walk along the Don River was shortened by rain, but not before snapping a bunch of macro shots of a variety of pollenating bees. I'd never noticed just how dusty they can get while doing that job - especially the 'hairy' bumble bees! Visiting the nature page of my site will show you just what I mean.

In my next post, I'll tell you about our trip to see (among other things) the Peterborough Lift Locks. If you've never seen them - or, even worse, have no idea what I'm talking about, imagine two massive tubs, full of water - and large boats. Now, imagine these two massive tubs silently and effortlessly rising and falling 65 feet (20 metres) and then letting those same boats continue on their trip along the canal! Watch for my next post (video link will be included).

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