Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Been Too Long Since My Last Entry...

That sums it up pretty well... It's just been too long since my last entry! ...And, although it has been a while, I'm afraid this first entry of 2011 will be a fairly short one.

In photographic-related news, I have made the switch from ACDSee to Adobe's Lightroom 3 for all of my processing and cataloguing. Of course this means re-cataloguing all of my photo's (my wife's photo's too). On the up-side though, the quality of processing seems much better that ACDSee was giving me. In fairness, this version of Lightroom is using a 2010 version of camera Raw, where my ACDSee was using a 2003 conversion.

Once you've processed a file (taken the RAW image and added any white balance, curves, sharpness, etc.), a simple mouse-click will instantly pop you into Photoshop (if installed on your computer) where you can go nuts adding layers, text and all that jazz. ...Handy.

So, I've been spending loads of time learning this new software and hope to be out taking photo's again real soon!

What have YOU been up to? Let me know...