Sunday, 15 October 2017

Spam/Junk Folder - Check it Regularly!

Once in a while, something good, something real, accidentally finds its way into our junk email folders.  A great example of this happened to me just today.

A few months back, I did some telephone messages for a company in California.  I recorded, sent the files and was paid promptly.  Everybody was happy.

Today, I decided to scan my junk mail folder - and found the same production company had emailed me a month ago, asking me to do more!  I immediately replied to them, apologizing for not seeing their email sooner - and explained why (not that it helps their situation).

Only time will tell if I still have a crack at serving them.  I doubt it - a month is a long time to wait for a VO to respond.

So, although there may not be some magical happy-ending to this story (and if there is, I’ll pass it along when it happens), it certainly is a good reminder to us all (especially me), to check the spam/junk folder daily!