Sunday, 15 October 2017

Spam/Junk Folder - Check it Regularly!

Once in a while, something good, something real, accidentally finds its way into our junk email folders.  A great example of this happened to me just today.

A few months back, I did some telephone messages for a company in California.  I recorded, sent the files and was paid promptly.  Everybody was happy.

Today, I decided to scan my junk mail folder - and found the same production company had emailed me a month ago, asking me to do more!  I immediately replied to them, apologizing for not seeing their email sooner - and explained why (not that it helps their situation).

Only time will tell if I still have a crack at serving them.  I doubt it - a month is a long time to wait for a VO to respond.

So, although there may not be some magical happy-ending to this story (and if there is, I’ll pass it along when it happens), it certainly is a good reminder to us all (especially me), to check the spam/junk folder daily!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Waiting Works!

...Or, at least it did this time!

Almost a year and a half ago I auditioned for a small part in a movie - and today I got that part!  It's voice-only, which is fine.  That is what I auditioned for.  Actually, I auditioned for three different voice parts.  A radio announcer, captain of a plane and 'some guy'.  I thought that if I got anything, it would be the radio announcer.

Well, today I got the email saying the part of 'the guy' is mine!  Woo-HOO!  Happy?  Sure am!  This will be the first time my voice has been used for a movie - no matter how small the part.

I'm not able to say too much about the project just yet, but once I'm given the green light, I'll pass along more info...  Apparently, I'll get IMDB credit for it too...

Darnitt!  I just found ANOTHER green M&M in the bowl... Someone will pay for that! *grin*

Friday, 14 April 2017

Spring Cleaning (Including my lungs and heart!)

Well, it's been a long winter here in south/central Ontario.  Today I begin cleaning out the garage, getting ready for my semi-annual trip to Barrie's landfill site (or as I call it, "the dump").  Due to our household just getting over some kind of nasty cold/flu thing, I thought I'd wait for the day to warm up a bit before heading outside.  I decided I'd use that time wisely and do a few chores in my office and then I heard the nagging voice of our exercise bike calling me.

"Jamie - when you broke your ankle and had to sit around for six weeks, did I bother you about exercise?  Come on now - it's time... Get over here!"  So, I turned on my Apple Watch exercise app and set to it.  I'll admit it wasn't a very long ride (just over 11 minutes), but I did burn a few calories.

Whatever the cold/flu was, it defied the annual flu shot - has even hit our household for a second round (so far, I am not getting this second round *touching wood as I type*).

It has left me with a bit of a nasal sound that comes and goes and lungs that just haven't quite cleared up yet either.  So, I'm hoping that by starting to exercise today, I can clear myself up - and not just our garage.

Now to tackle that garage - after a short rest... *wink*

Friday, 7 April 2017

Thankful to Anne Penman Laser Therapy

I can't tell you the feeling I get when, not only does a client pay me - and on time, but when they praise the quality of my work.  I had one such case this past week, when I was hired by the Toronto office of Anne Penman Laser Therapy.  They wanted their telephone auto-attendant updated.  It was a straight-forward read - completed within minutes of me sitting down in my studio.

Within minutes of sending my finished work to them (on the understanding they could ask for a 2nd read at no extra cost), I was told how happy they were with it - and that I could call a certain number to check the finished work over the phone - allowing me to hear how I'll sound to their clients.

Hopefully, they will refer me to others who might want this same service performed.  ...Similarly, if you need laser therapy for weight loss, quitting smoking, stress therapy, or other.. Please Google the Toronto office of Anne Penman Laser Therapy.  Though I haven't had to use their services, the communication I've had with their office has been polite, professional, quick to respond and thankful.  I'm thankful too...  Thanks, Simon!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

I'm back at voice-work again...

In 1978, I was lucky enough to land a part-time job at a radio station in Brampton, Ontario. As with many radio stations, staff announcers were often called-upon to record commercials and public service announcements.  For me this work is heaven!  I love interpreting the script, performing & editing the read and/or background and then putting the whole thing together.  Even after my broadcasting career, I wound up doing audio promotions and live announcing for various businesses - including a 17 year stint as 'the voice' of a growing restaurant chain!

Without boring you with the details, I did take a break from this type of work for a bit - and shouldn't have.

Well, thanks to a recent acquaintance of mine (Bev Standing, of, I got the 'bug' to try voice work again and it's coming along nicely.  I'm enjoying work from both 'pay to play' sites and from my own web site, (which is constantly being worked on - new demo's/samples coming SOON too!).

If you know of someone who could use a voiceover talent for an audio book, PSA, commercial, promotion, explainer, narration, telephone auto-attendant, or other, please send them on over to my site... I'll certainly appreciate it - and hopefully, be of service to them.