Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Waiting Works!

...Or, at least it did this time!

Almost a year and a half ago I auditioned for a small part in a movie - and today I got that part!  It's voice-only, which is fine.  That is what I auditioned for.  Actually, I auditioned for three different voice parts.  A radio announcer, captain of a plane and 'some guy'.  I thought that if I got anything, it would be the radio announcer.

Well, today I got the email saying the part of 'the guy' is mine!  Woo-HOO!  Happy?  Sure am!  This will be the first time my voice has been used for a movie - no matter how small the part.

I'm not able to say too much about the project just yet, but once I'm given the green light, I'll pass along more info...  Apparently, I'll get IMDB credit for it too...

Darnitt!  I just found ANOTHER green M&M in the bowl... Someone will pay for that! *grin*