Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Finally took that walk at Leslie St. Spit!

All the while Elizabeth and I lived in the Beaches part of Toronto, we never took the walk along the Leslie St., Spit.  Well, last weekend I finally did it!

The girls had tickets for the Wizard of Oz and so I dropped them off at the Mirvish Theatre and headed down to the park with my camera bag.  It was anything but disappointing right off the bat.  Only a few yards (meters?) into the park, a large canine (coyote?) ran across the path - too quick to snag a photo of.  I didn't even have chance to pull the camera up, let-alone focus and shoot.  So, just to toy with me, he/she dodged around in the sticks and weeds, only to run quickly back across the path - disappearing again faster than David Copperfield  ever has!

I did manage some shots of birds (without stepping in 'anything') and even a few of a garter snake!

This reclaimed area consists of old cement, boulders, scrap metal (yes, metal), stones, bricks and blocks.  Apparently, at one time, it was Toronto's clean fill dumping ground.  Once some dirt, dust and seeds were added, they'd had all the makings for parkland which doubles as a breakwater and bird sanctuary.

Although I didn't have the time to walk all the way to the end of the peninsula, I did find a nice view of the CN Tower.  It's hard to see in the web version of this image, but there are some whackos walking around the left side of the tower...something I won't be doing.

By the way, yes, I know I referred to "the Beaches" in the plural form.  I always will *wink*.