Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Snowmegeddon - On it's Way??

I have to say, the water along the Beaches (yes, I still call the area "the Beaches", plural) looks like it's warning of the end of the world, but will it really be as bad as they've predicted?

We've heard the forecasters warn of monster storms before, only to receive a smattering of the stuff. But then we've also had them say we'd get a smattering - and then we shovel out for days after. So who knows what's really on its way tonight? All I can say is that I didn't want to stand along the shore for too long with my camera out, because that meant I also had to be out in that extremely raw wind. My fingers were stinging within minutes. However, it felt good to be in 'the hood' again, despite the wind.

This is where my wife, Elizabeth, and I began our life together. In fact it was right across the street from where the waves you see in the photo above are crashing over those ice-capped boulders. Many days we'd spend just counting the waves - and seagulls - and ducks - and geese - and dogs. She'd have a mug in her hand and I'd have a camera in mine. Why did we move, you ask? It's a long story and one for another day...

Let's get back to that weather they say should be here tonight. After doubting that anything much would come of today's meteorological prognostications, I now think there might be something to this. At 11:15pm, I checked the weather radar near London, Ontario and found that most of Southern Ontario is already pretty much swallowed up by this monster (they said it'd start about midnight). Sarnia, London (oh, THEY get snow all the time - so what?!), Kitchener and just shy of Toronto - all is getting hammered as I type this.

So, I guess we're going to turn white - again...

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