Monday, 9 May 2011

Bird Sees Stars (and birdies)

Canon 50D w/EF 24-70 2.8L USM
@ 70mm, 1/100, f10, 100 ISO
I likely won't ever get an opportunaty like this again!  ...The chance to take an unlimited number of pictures of a wild bird - at less than arm's length!

During one of my trips into the garage, I heard a 'thumping' overhead.  An oriole had become trapped in the rafters and was now trying to get out of the garage through what appeared to be the only exit on her level - a window.  ...A CLOSED window.  The little thing kept trying and trying, only to thump her noggin so hard she had become dazed.  She was so dazed in fact, she willingly stepped onto a broom that I'd reached up near her feet.  I let hert loose on the grass, where she just sat there, staring at me.  Realizing this was likely going to last for a few minutes, I ran for the camera!

This was GREAT!  An oriole - not able to move an inch and as a result of disorientation, was now willing to be my subject for quite a time.  Eventually, it flew into a not yet blossomed snowball bush and rested about a foot off the ground and then safely took off another few minutes later.

Both my wife and mother love orioles, so it looks like I'll be doing some printing soon.

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