Tuesday, 19 February 2013

This Needed a Title - So I Gave it One...

Well, again I have waited far too long to make a blog entry.  With moving to Barrie and other things life threw at us this past year, I just haven't been producing as much as I'd like to have been.  That's about to change though!  I have already attended my first meeting of the Barrie Photo/Camera Club and look forward to more of those.
Toronto skyline at night, taken from the Poulson Pier
Toronto Waterfront
Interesting thought...  For a few years I was a member of the Beaches Photo Club in Toronto - a club who's name suggests waterfront.  The Barrie club actually meets ON the waterfront!  I mean you could easily toss a lens cap into the water from the meeting hall!
Don't get me wrong, I certainly miss the Toronto gang...  I'm just making a fun observation about the waterfront thing.
Thanks to my wife, Elizabeth, my interest is peaking again.  You see, she makes the silly mistake of giving me the Henry's flyer when she gets it.  I found a few items on sale - and HAD to have them!  So now there are new backdrops, light-modifiers and paper in our studio - and I just HAVE to experiment with them!  Hey, I'm not playing - it's all work!! *wink*

Humming bird, feeder.  www.jamieramage.com
Hummingbird at the feeder in the willow tree
 One of the paper samples I picked up this week was InkPress' Glossy Metallic ink jet paper.  Wow, is that stuff great!  You don't want to use it for everything, but certainly for things that would naturally have a 'shimmer' to them.  An example would be the little guy in the photo here.  The highlights on the feeder and feathers just jump off the page, as if etched in shiny metal.  The first time I saw an example of this type of paper was when a friend presented a sister with a photo/print of a blue butterfly.  The butterfly's wings normally have a shimmer to them, which the paper reproduced faithfully.  Finally, I have some of that kind of paper and have experimented a little this evening.  Other photo's that printed well with it were of the Toronto skyline at night and a sunset in Parry Sound.

So, if you're looking for something new to try, give metallic ink jet paper a whirl!  Just remember, it's not good for everything (eg: skin tones).
OK, I've made an entry... Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

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