Friday, 1 March 2013

Canon SD-1000 Takes Near-Infrared Photographs!

Hi gang,

Sorry there are no photo's attached to this, but I was just messing around with my wife's Canon SD-1000 (point and shoot camera) and thought I'd take a crack at using it with my Sima Night Vision Light.  I am shocked - it worked!!  The light was throwing a glow across the room (12-15 feet).  The camera is in full-auto mode, with the flash turned off.  I took a quick photo - and even tried a few seconds of video with it.  Both worked well (albeit, a bit noisey).

I thought my Sony Mavica CD500 is supposed to do this, but it won't.  I didn't expect either of my Canon SLRs to do it (and they won't).  All of them WILL take near-I-R photo's with a filter in broad daylight, just not with the night-vision light.  Heck, even our little Sony HD camcorder won't do it.   ...But her little point and shoot?!  Sure enough it did - and now she's bragging about how much better her SD-1000 is than any of my 'big boy' cameras!

I suppose the only reason I'm upset at all is due to reading a couple years ago that a Mavica CD500 would do this sort of thing and so I got my heart set on it - even spent the money on the ad-ons (new batteries, filter and light).  Oh well.  I really would rather do the outdoor near-I-R shooting anyway.  So she's inheritted a toy from my kit now...  A night-vision light.

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