Friday, 7 April 2017

Thankful to Anne Penman Laser Therapy

I can't tell you the feeling I get when, not only does a client pay me - and on time, but when they praise the quality of my work.  I had one such case this past week, when I was hired by the Toronto office of Anne Penman Laser Therapy.  They wanted their telephone auto-attendant updated.  It was a straight-forward read - completed within minutes of me sitting down in my studio.

Within minutes of sending my finished work to them (on the understanding they could ask for a 2nd read at no extra cost), I was told how happy they were with it - and that I could call a certain number to check the finished work over the phone - allowing me to hear how I'll sound to their clients.

Hopefully, they will refer me to others who might want this same service performed.  ...Similarly, if you need laser therapy for weight loss, quitting smoking, stress therapy, or other.. Please Google the Toronto office of Anne Penman Laser Therapy.  Though I haven't had to use their services, the communication I've had with their office has been polite, professional, quick to respond and thankful.  I'm thankful too...  Thanks, Simon!

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