Friday, 14 April 2017

Spring Cleaning (Including my lungs and heart!)

Well, it's been a long winter here in south/central Ontario.  Today I begin cleaning out the garage, getting ready for my semi-annual trip to Barrie's landfill site (or as I call it, "the dump").  Due to our household just getting over some kind of nasty cold/flu thing, I thought I'd wait for the day to warm up a bit before heading outside.  I decided I'd use that time wisely and do a few chores in my office and then I heard the nagging voice of our exercise bike calling me.

"Jamie - when you broke your ankle and had to sit around for six weeks, did I bother you about exercise?  Come on now - it's time... Get over here!"  So, I turned on my Apple Watch exercise app and set to it.  I'll admit it wasn't a very long ride (just over 11 minutes), but I did burn a few calories.

Whatever the cold/flu was, it defied the annual flu shot - has even hit our household for a second round (so far, I am not getting this second round *touching wood as I type*).

It has left me with a bit of a nasal sound that comes and goes and lungs that just haven't quite cleared up yet either.  So, I'm hoping that by starting to exercise today, I can clear myself up - and not just our garage.

Now to tackle that garage - after a short rest... *wink*

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